Car Maintenance

Car maintenance. You’ve heard the phrase many times from commercials on TV to radio ads in your car. It’s a necessary part of life if you own a car, whether you maintain it yourself or you have a mechanic do it for you. The basics of car maintenance are fairly simple for anyone younger or older, male or female.

ABattery Waternother thing that you may hear often is that car maintenance extends the life of your car. No truer words could be spoken. Even if you don’t hear a strange sound emitting from your car and it’s running like a champ, you still need to do some regular maintenance. Now I’ve got to admit that after buying our new car six months ago, I haven’t been thinking of checking the oil regularly like I did with the ‘old battle ax’ I was driving for 10 years. I let the dealer do the work for now, but then I get to thinking about the trouble I had with that old friend and how it would leave me stranded for an hour and then just start out of nowhere and run for days on end. I was under that hood religiously every week to the point that someone stopped and asked me if I could help her fix her car! I fumbled with my words but decided to help her since she looked kind of desperate (which she was in asking me for help with car issues!!!) Fortunately, the issue she was having was the same one that I had encountered numerous times in my car’s troubled history.

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The point is that I always checked the simple things that most car owners should, on a regular basis. Turned out that it really made a difference in how long the life of “Betsy” was extended, long after the garage mechanic told me I needed to buy a new car.

The following list is simple and will probably not present too much of a challenge. Of course if you’re afraid that you’ll break a nail, you may want to ask someone to help you or get a mechanic to do it.